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9 Nail-Free Ways to Hang Your Christmas Wreath and Garland

Christmas wreaths and decorative garland are attractive additions to your holiday decor – but extra nails and holes in the wall are not! The good news is that there are a number of nail-free options available for hanging holiday greenery.

How to Hang a Wreath Without Nails


Magnetic wreath and garland hook

Magnetic Hooks

If you’re hanging a wreath on a metal door, give a magnetic hook a try! This relatively inexpensive solution is inconspicuous and removable – perfect for wreaths weighing less than five pounds. Magnetic hooks are weatherproof, too, so they can be used on metal gates and siding.

Decorating Tip: Make sure to weigh your decoration so you’re sure your magnet hook can support it.

 over  the door wreath hanger

Over the Door Wreath Hanger

 You can find a wreath hook for the front door in many styles and price ranges. Some designs are simple and meant to complement your door style. Others feature decorative elements for an added festive touch.

Decorating Tip: Some over the door hooks are adjustable, enabling you to decide the height at which you wish to display your wreath.

 vinyl siding hook for outdoor decorations

Siding Hooks

Adding decorations to your home’s exterior is simple and damage free when you use specially-designed hooks that tuck underneath your siding. Use a vinyl siding hook for lightweight decorations or double them up for extra security on heavier items.

Decorating Tip: Vinyl siding hooks vary by size and weight limitations, so be sure to get the right size hook for your needs.

suction hook for Christmas decor

Suction Cup

Large suction cup hooks can help you hang a window wreath with ease. These extra-strong suction cups feature hooks for hanging your wreath and other decorations on glass and other smooth surfaces. 

Decorating Tip: Before hanging, thoroughly clean the area where you’ll be attaching the suction hook. Follow the product instructions for installation.

red bow with gold trim by Northlight

Decorative Ribbon

If you can tie a bow, you can secure your wreaths and garland with bright holiday ribbons. The ideal mix of style and function, ribbon will accent your decorations while keeping them secure.

Decorating Tip: Look for pre-made bows with ties or long tails for easier decorating.

How to Hang Garland Without Nails

hook and loop fastening tape for Christmas decorations

Hook and Loop Fastener

Avoid damage to your banister by securing your garland with inexpensive hook and loop fasteners. Dyed to match your greenery, you can easily cut lengths to size, secure the garland around the railing and hide the ties within the foliage.

Decorating Tip: Hook and loop fasteners can secure Christmas lights and rope lights, too!

 banister ties to hang Christmas garland

Banister Ties

You might be surprised to learn how many ties and hooks are available to hang garland on a banister. Ties wrap around the garland, while hooks rest on the railing itself and support draped greenery. Both styles are attractively designed to blend with your holiday decor and help prevent scratches on your paint and woodwork.

Decorating Tip: Place banister garland ties about every two feet tucked just behind a stair rail to keep garland from sliding  down.

 mantel hooks for Christmas stockings and garland

Mantel Hooks

Mantel hooks come in several varieties. Some clip onto your mantel, or balance on a cantilever. Weighted stocking hooks also can be used to hang garland. However, many mantel hooks serve a dual purpose, holding both decorative garland and your Christmas stockings.

Decorating Tip: Measure the depth of your mantel to ensure your mantel hook will fit.

 Christmas garland hanger for door frame

Garland Frame

To hang garland around a door frame, consider specially-designed garland frames. These frames work like tension rods and can be adjusted to the width of your door frame to help attractively support and drape holiday garland. 

Decorating Tip: Since you’ll be lifting your garland over your head to attach it to the door frame, use a steady ladder and consider asking a friend for help.

It’s fun to decorate for Christmas, especially when you know there are a variety of products that help make it easier to hang your holiday greenery. Even better, when the holidays are over and the decorations are put away, you’ll once again enjoy doors, mantels, windows, siding and stair rails that have remained undamaged by holes and scratches.

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