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5 Creative Ways To Decorate With String Lights

5 Creative Ways To Decorate With String Lights

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, we know how important string lights are. They help create that magical touch to your home whether inside or outside. Why not bring the beautiful glow of these lights in your home year-round? There are plenty of ways to incorporate string lights into your everyday life. We’ll show you a few.

Send a Message

Live. Laugh. Dream. Whatever the message is that you want to convey, showcasing it with string lights is a must in your home. With just a few nails and strands of your favorite string lights, you can illuminate any room with a phrase that fits you. Sketch out your phrase, put a few nails in the wall, and hang your lights to see your room sparkle. If you have empty wall space and a little creativity, this is a great way to add a little character to it.

Show Off Fun Photos

You may have printed out some of your favorite photos already. Why not enjoy them daily rather than tuck them away in a photo album? Whether they’re family vacation photos or experiences you had with friends, hanging them on a wall from string lights will capture everyone’s attention. It’s a great way for everyone to see all the good times you’ve had and it will definitely be a conversation starter. All you have to do is zig-zag a few strands of white mini lights from the ceiling down and clip the photos to them using clothespins.

Enhance Your Living Space

When you’re completing the look of your living space, it’s always nice to have that accent lighting. String lights can add an elegant touch to a living space, to achieve a cozy nighttime look. Simply add some clear mini lights to your doorway or mantle. It’s a practical idea that brings a little charm into any space in your home.

Brighten the Room With Mason Jars

Bringing light into your home doesn’t have to require much work. Lighted mason jars are perfect for brightening any room in the house, even outside. Gather your spare mason jars and place a few strands of battery-operated fairy lights in them. Turn on the lights and watch how they complement your decor and add that accent lighting. Mason jars are an easy way to create beautiful decor items that illuminate any space in your home.

Add Comfort To Your Bedroom

One great way to complement your cozy bed and chairs is by hanging a few strands of white mini lights from your bed posts or ceiling. Mini lights increase your lighting options for that nighttime reading or movie night. 

These are just a few ways you can decorate with mini lights or string lights to enhance the look of your home. Mini lights will complement most decorating styles and are easy to incorporate. Take a look at all of our mini lights here!

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