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Decorating Your Home For Christmas With Pets

Decorating Your Home For Christmas With Pets

Snow is beginning to fall and the days are getting shorter. Decorating for Christmas is fun for the whole family, but if your family has a furry friend, you may have to be more selective with how you decorate. Here are a few tips on avoiding pet-related disasters and keep everyone safe this holiday season.

Christmas Tree Scene

Decorating Your Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree becomes the focal point of our home during the holiday season. You decorate, open gifts, and celebrate with family and friends around the tree.

Artificial Christmas trees are considered pet-friendly for a few reasons. They have a very realistic look but do not give off any fragrance that attracts pets to the branches. The needles on artificial Christmas trees are less toxic and free of sap. If your pet does digest a few artificial needles it will not affect them as much.

A real tree requires water, which can attract pets looking for a quick drink. If you do choose to get a live tree, try to deter your pet from the water source by blocking access with presents and decorations.

One thing to remember is to stabilize your tree using both a sturdy Christmas tree stand and wire. Place your tree in the stand and use thin wire to secure it to the wall or ceiling. 

Red Christmas Ornaments

Make The Switch To Shatterproof Ornaments

Shatterproof ornaments are a pet owner’s dream come true! They imitate beautiful glass ornaments but are less likely to shatter into hundreds of sharp pieces (ouch!). If you would still like to hang special glass ornaments, try placing them towards the top of the tree. Take advantage of the popular shatterproof ornaments to fill out the rest of the tree, especially at the bottom where our furry friends are more likely to wander.

LED Christmas Lights

Using Christmas Lights Inside

There’s no better way to bring that Christmas spirit into your home than with some beautiful lights. There are a few things to consider when using Christmas lights with pets. LED lights are more popular with pet owners than traditional incandescent lights. That’s because LED bulbs won’t get as hot when lit. Additionally, they are plastic coated meaning they are less likely to break if they fall. Whichever lights you choose, make sure to turn them off when you’re not around. If your pet is tampering with the lights, consider spraying them with bitter apple as a deterrent. 

Christmas Candles

Brighten Up Your Home With Flameless Candles

No one can resist the warm glow of candles on dark winter nights, including pets! With pets roaming around, consider switching from real candles to battery-operated flameless candles. These decorative candles give off that same flickering look without the fire hazard. You won’t have to worry if your pet accidentally knocks one of these flameless candles over. If you still choose to use real burning candles, place them up high where your pet can’t reach them.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Decorate wisely to keep your furry family members safe while roaming around your house. If you need a few other Christmas decorating tips, we have you covered here.

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