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Beyond Christmas Lights: Lighted Decorations to Enhance Your Holiday Display

Beyond Christmas Lights: Lighted Decorations to Enhance Your Holiday Display

Christmas lights brighten the dark days of winter, casting charm and spreading cheer to all who view them. Beyond string lights, however, there are many lighted Christmas decorations that can lend warmth and sparkle to your decor, inside and out.

Take a look at the many other ways you can decorate with light. Find your favorite Christmas light decorations and layer the lighting effects until you find just the perfect look.

Here are some of the choices available in Christmas light decor.

Indoor Lighted Decorations

Christmas candle lamp


Provide a warm welcome for guests with candles in the window or as part of your table setting. Many candle lamps feature traditional details, such as bases that look like brass or silver candlestick holders and flickering bulb lights. Place a single light in each window for a classic Christmas look, or add to the brilliance with a three- or five-light candelabra on the sill. Some Christmas candles can even be controlled remotely.

red Mission style lantern set

Lamps & Lanterns

Social media and home decorating websites are filled with holiday photos of lanterns and lamps placed artfully on a table, beside (or inside) the fireplace, or on a porch. When seasonally accented with ornaments and greenery, versatile and decorative lanterns are another way to add light to your holiday display. Discover Christmas lanterns in a variety of finishes, sizes and styles. Some are at home in a rustic country setting and others have more traditional or contemporary polish, but all add to the special glow of the holiday season.

Outdoor Lighted Decorations

laser dot projector light

Projector Lights

From flood lamps to laser lights, broad-scope Christmas projector lights bring depth and movement to your outdoor Christmas display. You’ll find light projectors with everything from red and green dot patterns to swirling snowflakes. Use projector lights separately or layer them over your static light display for added dimension.

star path lights

Pathway Lights and Stakes

Light the way to your front door with a fun and colorful array of path lights and lawn stakes. Generally sold as a string with a set of combined decorations, stakes and path lights can festively illuminate your walkways or frame a garden border. Rows of stars, colorful Christmas light bulbs, treescandy canes and other holiday designs add another element of brightness to your Christmas lights display.

holographic snowman window decoration

Window Decorations

When you don’t want to set up outdoor decorations in the cold and snow, window decorations let you light up your home for the holidays from the inside. A wide variety of lighted Christmas window decorations are available, from silhouettes to holographic designs. Plus, budget-friendly Christmas window decorations make it easy to hang one on your entry door and add character in every window.

doe, fawn and buck reindeer outdoor lighted decor

Lighted Yard Decorations

Many options for outdoor lighted Christmas decorations exist to add depth to your outdoor light display. Chosen animated reindeer, shimmering angels, twinkling or light-chasing Christmas trees, as well as fun and playful designs like winsome puppies, snowmen and Santas. Lighted Christmas yard decorations let you stage your own Christmas story.

Grinch, sleigh and Max outdoor inflatable Christmas decoration

Inflatable Decorations

Outdoor Christmas decorations shine at night, so many Christmas inflatables are most to illuminate. Inflatable Christmas decorations have really caught on over the years and there are many sizes, styles and price points from which to choose. One large inflatable can serve as a statement piece, but many homeowners display multiple inflatable decorations. They’re just too much fun to resist!

Lighted Christmas decorations are among the most popular ways to brighten homes for the holidays - and there’s much more to explore beyond strings of Christmas lights. Check out the variety of lighted decorations that can enhance your holiday display and let your Christmas spirit shine.

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