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How to Keep Your Inflatable Christmas Yard Decorations from Blowing Away

How to Keep Your Inflatable Christmas Yard Decorations from Blowing Away

Even before you put up the tree or hang the stockings, setting up your outdoor Christmas display is typically one of the earliest and most-anticipated milestones of the holiday season. Christmas lights, wreaths and garland, and illuminated or inflatable lawn decorations are bright and joyful expressions of the holiday.

But no one wants their Christmas yard decor whisked away by the brisk winter winds. While you’re arranging those glittering angels and plump snowmen, take a little extra time to make sure they are well-placed and secure. By protecting your blow up Christmas decorations from the elements, you’ll eliminate some holiday headaches.

Location Matters

The best setting for inflatable Christmas lawn decorations is on flat ground, away from low-lying areas that collect standing water. Make sure not to block the air intake for the fan. If at all possible, try to place inflatable decorations near a wall or bush that can offer some protection from gusty winds. A good way to keep inflatable Christmas decorations from being blown away is to attach them to a solid object like a tree or fence.

Tether and Stake

inflatable penguin familyTether lines and ground stakes are included with most blow up decorations. Find the anchor rings sewn into the inflatable and use the tether to tie down the decoration to ground stakes that have been pounded securely into the  ground. If you are placing your Christmas blow up decoration on concrete or another surface where you can’t use ground stakes, you may be able to anchor the ornament to a fence, wall or tree.

Use twine to secure an inflatable lawn decoration that doesn't have tether lines or anchor rings. Wrap the twine around the inflatable, being careful not to restrict air flow, and tie it to ground stakes or a solid object.

Weigh it Down

While ground stakes are generally effective in anchoring Christmas yard decor, additional security may be needed in very open or windy areas, or for larger figures. A simple solution is to tie bags of sand or gravel to the inflatable item’s anchor rings to help weigh it down.

Keep Them from ‘Walking’

Santa in Christmas train inflatableUnfortunately, thieves sometimes tarnish the spirit of the season by stealing outdoor Christmas decorations. To protect your inflatable ornaments from theft, make them harder to carry away. Weighing and staking inflatables is helpful, but extra precautions provide added security.

For instance, thoroughly taping the electrical plug to the outdoor socket can help deter thieves interested in making a quick get-away. Crooks intent on filching your inflatable may move on if they can’t easily pull the plug.

It’s also a good idea to place large Christmas lawn decorations closer to the house, within range of your motion-sensor lights and video doorbell.

To make your blow up decorations even more secure, attach them to permanent fixtures like porches and fence posts with bicycle locks or chain locks.

Christmas yard decorations are a popular way to add light, fun and personality to your holiday lawn decor. Keeping them stationery and secure will enhance your home and help ensure they remain a part of your decorating tradition for many holidays to come.

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