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Incorporating Christmas Lights Into Your Halloween Display

Incorporating Christmas Lights Into Your Halloween Display

There are so many fun ways to decorate for Halloween. Since it’s a holiday made for night time parties and trick or treating, you’ll most likely incorporate some lights into your displays. Whether you’re planning on creating a spooky haunted house or a cute, kiddie-friendly Halloween look, lights can make all the difference in your display. Christmas lights are versatile, timeless, and can be used again later in the season. We’re sharing a few ways to use them. Have fun decorating your home for Halloween this year!

Light Color Sets the Scene

When it comes to decorating with Halloween lights, it’s important to consider which color lights you’ll want to use. Orange lights are a popular choice for Halloween. This is also a great not-too-scary and kid-friendly color. You can place these around an entryway or an outside fence. You can always incorporate clear mini lights, but if you want a spooky scene, try blue or purple lights. The dark blue or purple helps create that moonlit scene every haunted house could use. We love how there are Halloween lights to complement almost every eerie decoration out there.

Trick Your Visitors With Creepy Shadows

Light up those graveyard decorations and give your guests a little scare using shadows from Halloween lights. You can use orange or blue lights. Just place them low to the ground aiming towards the sky to create a spooktacular look. Consider placing orange string lights on the ground in front of a tombstone decoration to give off an eerie glow. Let these shadows illuminate your Halloween display and make it easier to see at night.

Use Lights To Mimic Candle Flames

We know how hard you worked on your jack-o-lantern, so show it off all night long with battery-operated lights. These lights mimic that burning candle flame, but let you bring even more light into your jack-o-lantern. To get the best results, we recommend you use clear battery-operated lights inside your pumpkin. Whether you create that spooky or fun-looking jack-o-lantern, adding battery-operating lights allow you to simply flick on a switch and let them glow. 

Create a Warm Welcome

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. Decorations can be fun for the whole family. Make your doorway stand out by adding a strand of orange string lights to a black wreath or a decorated wreath to create warm welcome vibes. Add them to a mantel or wrap around a staircase banister to tie the look together.

Christmas lights don’t have to be confined to the holiday season. Let these colorful lights make a statement at your home for Halloween whether you’re creating a spooky haunted house or a friendly atmosphere look. Take a look at all of our Halloween decorations here!

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