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Most Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees

Most Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees

Are you considering going with an artificial Christmas tree? If so, take into account all of the advantages they provide you. Less vacuuming and worrying about missing those times you forgot to water your Christmas tree. Artificial Christmas trees require less maintenance all season long. If you’re hesitant about the realistic look of them, we have you covered with the top realistic artificial Christmas trees. Save time and money year after year with a new artificial Christmas tree!

Hunter Fir Christmas Trees

Hunter Fir Artificial Christmas Trees

The  Hunter Fir series featured by Northlight offers beautiful downswept branches and classic pine cone accents for that luxurious ambiance. Hunter Fir artificial Christmas trees have relatively short PE and PVC branches with multi-tonal needles and a high tip count for that realistic look you want. Choose between pre-lit or unlit for that perfect Christmas tree. These realistic trees come in 4.5 foot, 6.5 foot, 7.5 foot, and 9.5 foot sizes. 

Realistic Christmas Trees

Ashcroft Cashmere Pine Artificial Christmas Trees

The  Ashcroft Cashmere Pine Series is one of Northlight’s finest series. The artificial Christmas trees add that elegant touch to a traditional Christmas tree. Designed specifically with PVC needles and lush cashmere pine needles give it a realistic look with a unique touch. These beautiful Christmas trees have a high tip count, adding that fullness to the tree. You have the option to get a stunning pre-lit or simple unlit tree. Crafted with hinged branches, you can shape the tree exactly how you like it. These Christmas trees are offered in 3 foot, 4.5 foot, 6.5 foot, 7.5 foot, and 9.5 foot sizes.

Saratoga Spruce Christmas Trees

Saratoga Spruce Artificial Christmas Trees

The  Saratoga Spruce species offers some of the most realistic Christmas trees you’ll find. Designed with a mixture of both PVC and PE branches helps create that true look and feel you want. The medium flocked, lifelike branches capture that realistic look. Add your favorite Christmas lights to this Saratoga Spruce tree or get it pre-lit with clear incandescent lights. Easy to set up and takedown, these Saratoga Spruce trees will be perfect for your home! 

Realistic Christmas Trees

River Fir Artificial Christmas Trees

One of our exclusive species is our River Fir species. In order to capture that lifelike look, these trees are designed using medium flocked branches. Designed with both PE and PVC needles, you will get that realistic look you want. Whether you enjoy adding the Christmas lights yourself or picking out a stunning pre-lit tree with clear incandescent lights, it will be the focal point of your home for the holidays. Make it easy on yourself setting up and taking down your Christmas tree this season with a River Fir artificial Christmas tree.

These are just a few of our favorite and most realistic artificial Christmas trees. Let these be an inspiration for the upcoming Christmas season. If you need Christmas tree decorating tips, check some out here!

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