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Christmas Decoration Storage Solutions

We love our Christmas decorations - so much so that a few of us keep them up all year long. If you aren’t one of those people, however, you probably spend a fair amount of effort carefully packing those decorations in boxes and bags. You want to protect them against dust and breakage. But some makeshift storage methods could be improved.

Here are some practical solutions to help you “put Christmas in the bag (or box)”!

How to Properly Store an Artificial Christmas Wreath

Whether you just bought a new Christmas wreath, or your wreath has seen several seasons, you may have questions about the best way to store a wreath until next Christmas. 

When you first unpacked your artificial wreath, you took the time to “fluff” it into shape. Don’t let all that careful work go to waste by stuffing your wreath back into a tight container. Careful packing is especially important if the wreath has ornaments or decorations that could be damaged.

To avoid damage, store a seasonal wreath in a way that doesn’t put pressure on the frame or damage any decorations that are attached. The best way to keep your Christmas wreath from getting crushed is to hang it, or at least stack it on top of heavier items. Store it in a large plastic bag or wrap it in a sheet to protect it from dust and dirt.

If you prefer, a wreath storage bag offers several advantages over a plastic garbage bag, including durability. Wreath storage bags come in several sizes to accommodate most wreaths. Wreath covers have zippered closures, and some include a hanger for easy storage. 

Heavy duty storage bags also are available to neatly store your Christmas garland until next winter.

How to Store an Artificial Christmas Tree

Many people store their artificial Christmas trees in the original box. However, by stuffing an artificial tree back in the box, you risk breaking any lights that are on the tree or even damaging the tree itself. Also, the box itself is cumbersome and eventually gets ripped and torn. 

Thankfully, there are several types of storage solutions that enable you to easily put away your Christmas tree and protect it from dust and damage. Most Christmas tree storage bags feature sturdy straps for carrying and/or a set of wheels for easier maneuvering. 

Some tree storage bags are even designed so you can keep the tree assembled and store it standing upright. 

There are a few important steps to prepare your artificial Christmas tree for storage. If your tree has hinged branches, start from the top of the tree and fold the branches upward. Compress the branches as much as possible.

If your tree has removable branches, you’ll want to take them off to store them, placing the larger branches on the bottom. Unless your bag is meant to be put away in an upright position, store your tree flat when not in use.

Flocked trees should not be stored in hot environments, as this may cause the flocking to yellow.

Make sure the bag you choose is the right size to accommodate the height of your artificial Christmas tree.

Christmas tree bags also are a convenient and secure way to store  your large outdoor inflatable Christmas decorations.

Christmas Ornament Storage

Proper storage protects your Christmas ornaments from breakage. Many people successfully store their ornaments from year to year in cardboard boxes. If you take this route, carefully wrap each ornament in newspaper or tissue paper (paper towels work well, too!) The paper provides cushioning and keeps ornaments from rubbing or knocking against each other. 

For extra security, you can purchase storage containers designed specifically to hold your Christmas ornaments. Many feature individual compartments, with convenient stacking to maximize storage space. Some ornament boxes can accommodate larger Christmas decorations, like nutcrackers and tabletop decor.


When you put away your ornament box, take care not to stack anything heavy on top of it. Glass ornaments are fragile and the pressure could cause some ornaments to crack or break.

Ribbon and Wrap Storage

Do you stow your Christmas wrap and ribbons in a dresser drawer or stack them on a closet shelf?  While this works in some cases, it can also result in crushed and wrinkled wrapping paper and bows. That’s not only disappointing, but expensive to replace.

There are lots of DIY solutions to the wrapping paper storage dilemma. However, not everyone has the space for special storage carts, or the know-how to build a pegboard wall unit to hold their gift wrap.

Other gift wrap storage solutions exist, from vertical wrapping paper storage that hangs in a closet to a flat gift wrap organizer that fits under the bed. Made of canvas or other durable materials, wrapping paper storage containers feature easy-carry handles and some offer separate compartments for paper, bows, ribbon, gift tags, scissors and tape. Others are made specifically to accommodate even extra-long rolls of Christmas gift wrap.

“Putting away Christmas” doesn’t have to be stressful. Trees, wreaths, garland, ornaments, lights and wrapping paper - whatever you need to store after the holidays, offers practical storage solutions.

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