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What are Shatterproof Ornaments?

Glass Christmas ornaments are beautiful, but fragile. If you have children or pets that might be tempted to touch or play with bright, shiny glass ornaments, you might be cautious about putting those precious decorations on your tree. If a glass ornament falls and breaks, you could lose a cherished heirloom. Not only that, slivers of broken glass can harm toddlers and your furry friends.

Fortunately, offers shatterproof ornaments that are attractive and hold up to rough handling. Available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes, they are nearly identical to glass ornaments. Their plastic construction, however, makes them much more durable than glass ornaments and much less susceptible to breakage.

Check out our shatterproof ball ornaments, pendants, finials, snowflakes and ornament sets, as well as our large commercial shatterproof ornaments.

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