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5 Reasons to Love an Artificial Christmas Tree

5 Reasons to Love an Artificial Christmas Tree

For some people, the sharp scent and slight irregularities in the form of a fresh Christmas tree are the purest symbols of the Christmas season. Then there are those who prefer artificial Christmas trees for their easy care and clean-up.

At, we’re partial to artificial trees for obvious reasons. But if you’re on the fence regarding your Christmas tree of choice, read on for five reasons why we think your next Christmas tree should be manufactured.

1. Low Maintenance

Unlike a fresh-cut Christmas tree immersed in a pot of water that must be filled daily, an artificial Christmas tree requires very little maintenance. Just set it up and decorate! No watering - and no messy needles to vacuum up, either. Because you don’t have to worry about your faux tree turning dry and brown, you can set it up whenever you like and keep it up as long as you like.

2. Right Size and Shape

Christmas tree farmers are skilled at pruning trees into the classic conical shape. Still, it can be challenging to find a real Christmas tree that’s the right height and girth to fit your space. You may discover a Christmas tree that seems perfect - except for a branch that’s akimbo, or a crooked trunk, or a noticeable bare spot. On the other hand, artificial trees come in many sizes, shapes and styles, making it easy to find just the right tree for your needs.

real Christmas tree brown, dry fire hazard

3. Fire-Resistant

People who are firmly pro-faux trees point out that a small but significant number of house fires involving real Christmas trees occur each year. Faulty Christmas lights, electrical wires, heating equipment and candles are the most common causes of a Christmas tree fire. It is possible for artificial trees to burn, but they are much less likely to catch fire. For one thing, most consist of a metal frame. Other materials used to make artificial Christmas trees, like PVC, can ignite, but these products don’t burn as fast or as explosively as a pine tree.

4. Easy Set-Up

If you’ve ever struggled to get a pine tree to stand straight in a Christmas tree stand, you are familiar with one of the difficulties associated with real trees. Conversely, artificial Christmas trees typically consist of a base and three or four sections. These connect via a center pole, which mimics the tree trunk. Just assemble the sections, fluff the tree and decorate! Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees – on which the lights are already strung – make set-up even easier.

5. Long-Lasting Investment

Artificial Christmas trees withstand the ever-increasing length of the holidays, which some people begin to celebrate the day after Halloween. The first-year cost of an artificial tree can be much higher than a real tree. However, there are price points for every budget and with proper care, an artificial tree will last for many years. Plus, you can buy tree storage bags to keep your investment clean and secure until next Christmas.

If our top five reasons to consider an artificial Christmas tree have intrigued you, we invite you to check out our wide selection of artificial trees. You’ll find a full range of styles and sizes, from classic to realistic Christmas trees, that will become the focal point of your holiday festivities.

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