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How to Shape Your Tree

If you purchased an artificial Christmas tree for your house, it's important to know that it will need a little shaping in order to get that realistic look. We have laid out a few easy steps for you to follow to have that artificial tree looking like the real thing.

Before we begin, make sure your tree is in the desired spot. It will be harder to move the tree once it's set up. Artificial Christmas trees do vary, but if your tree comes in different sections, start with the bottom section and follow the steps below. After completing the bottom section, repeat for the remaining sections of the tree.

If you have a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree, do a quick test to make sure all the lights are working by simply plugging in your tree. If a few bulbs are out, get replacement bulbs and fix them before you continue with shaping your tree.

  • Fanning Out Christmas Tree Branches

    As you set up your tree, make sure to fan out the branches away from the center branch making them more parallel to the floor. This will give it the look of a real tree.

  • Moving Individual Tree Branches

    Begin moving around the individual branches to your liking. No Christmas tree has perfectly straight branches, but with artificial trees, your goal should be to try and lift and angle branches upward creating that realistic tree look. Each branch should be at a slightly different angle so that the branches around it provide the fullest look possible. To really capture a realistic look, feel free to bend a few branches down. The branches at the top of the tree should be evenly spaced and pointing to the ceiling.

If your artificial tree is large, it's best and more safe for you to shape the top section first while not on the base yet. See our safety guide for other ways to stay safe while decorating for the holiday season.

As you go through this process, take a minute to look at it and make sure it is shaped uniformly and it appears natural. If you see any gaps, adjust them as needed.