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Christmas Lighting Resources

How to Buy Christmas Lights

What would Christmas decorations be without lights on our trees and around our homes? Pretty dull, that’s what. But when it comes time to buy Christmas lights, do you know the difference between LED lights and incandescent bulbs? Are you ready to add icicle lights and net lights to your holiday light display? Read on for a breakdown of the most popular holiday lighting options.

Christmas Light Styles

Decorating with Lights

The holidays aren't complete until you have decorated your home with Christmas lights! Our experts have put together a few tips and best practices on how to decorate your home both outside and inside on your Christmas tree.

Decorating with Lights

Technical Information

Decorating with Christmas lights doesn't always go smoothly. You may encounter burned out bulbs, blown fuses or Christmas light strings where only half the lights work. Don't worry, we're here to help! Read our answers to technical questions regarding Christmas lights, including:

  • The difference between volts, amps and watts
  • How to troubleshoot a light set
  • The difference between LED and incandescent lights
Technical Information