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Decorating With Lights

Three Steps to Set Up Your Outdoor Christmas Lights

  1. 1. Preparation

    Creating an incredible Christmas light display is extremely rewarding, but requires some planning. To make your house look merry and bright you can't just wing it- you need to pick out where you want to hang lights and how large of a space you are decorating. Some popular spots for outdoor decorating include but are not limited to: roof outlines, bushes, railings, pillars and more! Make sure you measure the space you are decorating and take into consideration how far away the electric source or outlet will be. How bright you want your lights to shine is a matter of personal preference - so the brighter you want your house, the more lights you will need.

  2. 2. Get Your Materials

    Luckily, we carry an extensive collection of different light colors and styles. Make sure you select lights that are for the outdoors such as icicle, mini and more. Selecting the types of lights is important, but a lot of people forget about the important accessories. To hang your Christmas lights on a house outdoors, you will need light clips, wire clips, or nails. Oh yeah, and you'll need a ladder. We recommend using an extension cord as well. If you want to get really savvy, shop our timers. With these, you don't have to keep going outside to plug them in or out! You can choose a specific time or set them from dusk to dawn.

  3. 3. Hang Them Up!

    Before you do anything - plug them in an outlet before hanging them on the roof to make sure all of the bulbs work. And make sure the extension cord is not faulty. We recommend hanging your Christmas lights up during the day with clear weather to avoid any mishaps. For maximum safety, have someone else helping you and do not let mini lights droop, or hang low - high enough winds will be able to rip these off.

    Once you've followed all of these steps and hung your lights to your liking, plug it in! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your festive home!

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Lights

If you didn't buy one of our pre-lit Christmas trees which saves you the hassle, putting on lights is still relatively easy to do. The first thing to consider is how large your tree is and how many lights you'll need. We recommend at least 100 lights per foot. For example if you have a 6 foot tree, you want to get at least 600 lights. It also depends on your personal preference and how brightly covered you want your tree to be. If you would like it to be more lit- it doesn't hurt to buy an extra 100-light set.

Once you know how many lights to get to cover your Christmas tree, you can choose which color or style you want! Luckily, we offer a large variety of colored, multi, and LED Christmas lights. If you already have received your lights, plug them in before decorating to make sure they all work! When decorating your tree, it is easier to visualize how your tree will look when it is complete if they are already plugged in. Start top to bottom, and remember you can always go back and readjust!