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What is an Advent Calendar and How Do We Use it for Christmas?

Commonly known for counting down the days until Christmas Day, these decorative calendars serve both a religious and casual meaning. Advent calendars are another iconic decoration for the majority of homes throughout the holidays. Designed with 24 doors, the purpose of an Advent calendar is to count down the days until Christmas starting on December 1st. It's not uncommon to find a little treat or decoration behind each door either. While the majority of the advent calendars are designed in a house shape, nowadays you can find them ranging from stand-alone to hanging calendars.

The Advent calendar tradition was first started back in Germany. People were marking down the days of December using chalk, candles, and even by hanging religious photographs each day. Notably, the first Advent calendar was created in 1851. It was in 1908 when they really gained popularity both in flat and operable door form. A little fun fact; the Advent calendar did lose popularity during the Second World War, during which rationing and manufacturing requirements made it fall out of style.

Today, there are plenty of different designs and styles to choose from when you purchase an Advent calendar. If you prefer the traditional Advent wreath, we have that for you too. Browse our collection of Advent calendars and find yours!