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Christmas Traditions

Why Do We Bring Trees Into Our Home?

Explore the history of bringing pine trees into the home to decorate for Christmas.

Christmas Trees

What is the History of the Nativity Scene?

Learn the origins of the nativity scene.

The Nativity Scene

Who is Santa Claus & Where Did He Come From?

Just who is Santa Claus, anyway?

Who is Santa Claus?

Why Do We Hang and Fill Christmas Stockings?

Dive into the origins of the Christmas stocking tradition.

Hanging Stockings

What is an Advent Calendar & How Do We Use it for Christmas?

See why we count down the days to Christmas.

Christmas Advent Calendar

Why are Nutcrackers Associated With Christmas?

Nutcracker soldiers are an old Christmas tradition. Find out where they came from.

Christmas Nutcrackers

What is the Significance of a Bird's Nest at Christmas?

Read about the symbolism of a bird's nest at Christmas time.

Christmas Bird's Nest

Why Do We Eat Candy Canes at Christmas?

Candy canes are a sweet Christmas treat, but what is their significance?

Christmas Candy Canes

Who Invented the Christmas Card?

Discover the roots of sending Christmas cards.

Christmas Cards

Why Do We Sing Carols at Christmas?

Learn the origin of Christmas carols.

Christmas Carols

Why are Elves Associated with Christmas?

We all know elves work in Santa's toy shop, but where did they come from?

Christmas Elves

Why Do We Exchange Gifts at Christmas?

The tradition of exchanging Christmas gifts, explained.

Christmas Gifts

What is the Significance of the Christmas Star?

Discover why the bright star atop the tree is symbolic.

Christmas Star

What Does it Mean to Get a Lump of Coal in Your Stocking?

No one wants coal in their stocking...

Coal in Stockings

What is Eggnog & How Did it Originate?

Read about the origins of this classic Christmas drink.


What is Elf on the Shelf?

Find out the mysteries behind this curious little fella.

Elf on the Shelf

Why Do We Give a Fruitcake During the Holidays?

Dig in to the history of fruitcake.

Holiday Fruitcake

Why Do We Kiss Under the Mistletoe at Christmas?

See how this Christmas tradition started.

Christmas Mistletoe

Where is the North Pole?

Take a geography lesson in Santa's domain.

The North Pole

What is the Story Behind the Christmas Pickle?

Read about this Christmas tradition.

The Christmas Pickle

How Did Reindeer Become a Symbol of Christmas?

There's Dasher and Dancer, but can you name the rest of Santa's reindeer?