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Who Invented the Christmas Card?

Leading up to Christmas Day, people receive beautiful cards from loved ones and friends as they spread some joy with Christmas cards. The majority of people know that with a nice photo of your family and a note, you have yourself a great Christmas card. With Christmas cards getting so popular, we wanted to find out how did they come about, and why?

As we did our research on Christmas cards, we found out that the ancient Romans were some of the first ones to exchange cards of some form. Instead of doing it for Christmas, they exchanged their cards as a New Year's celebration. These cards were beautifully handmade or even woodcut as you probably know there wasn't any mass production of cards back then.

It was in 1843 when things really changed for the Christmas card. John Callcott Horsley designed and made the very first Christmas card that showcased a family celebrating Christmas dinner. This card had the capability of being mass-produced at this time and became a very popular item. From 1843 until today, Christmas cards are an iconic way for people to send wishes and joyful messages to loved ones.

Today, people have plenty of different options when it comes to choosing a Christmas card. Whether it's making homemade ones with your kids or finding a perfect family photo made into a Christmas card, the options are truly endless. While technology has definitely made a difference in how we communicate even with Christmas cards, nothing will beat a meaningful Christmas card from a loved one!