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Why Do We Kiss Under the Mistletoe at Christmas?

It's no secret that one of the most well-known Christmas traditions has been kissing under the mistletoe. A popular tradition for couples throughout the world adds a little affection as they celebrate the holiday season. With many people wondering where exactly this tradition comes from, we decided to find out.

Dating back centuries to when mistletoe was first developed, it really varied in the different cultures. The Greeks actually used mistletoe as a way to cure almost anything affecting the body. From helping with spleen disorders to being used as a balm for epilepsy, ulcers, and poisons, it truly was a cure for everything before the Christmas tradition. One, if not the main reason mistletoe became associated with winter and Christmas was that it blossoms during the winter months. Now, it wasn't until the 1800s when kissing under the mistletoe became popular. It started in England before spreading worldwide, and men were allowed to kiss women under the mistletoe and if they didn't it was actually viewed as bad luck. To this day, it has become a popular tradition for many couples throughout the world. It is a bit unusual to see such a rich history stemming from a single plant, but the mistletoe is a charming tradition that lives on to this day.