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What is Elf on the Shelf?

Thinking of adding a new holiday tradition? Elf on the Shelf is a new phenomenon that families bring into their home during Christmas. This recent tradition was inspired by a book written in 2005, although the author's family had been practicing this tradition for years and saw how influential it was to others. All you need is an elf, the story, and some creativity to ensure your child stays on the nice list this year!

The elf works as Santa's helper, keeping an eye on the children and making sure they are well behaved. The elf then reports the kid's actions back to Santa Claus each night to inform his naughty and nice list picks. The elf then returns to the home before the children wake up and settles in a new part of the house, creating a hide-and-seek game each morning. The new fad has become popular on social media, with parents posting their creative ideas of what the elf is doing each morning. The elf acts as Santa's agent, reminding them to do their best every year and brings a fun surprise to the household every morning!