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Christmas Tree Resources

Decorating for Christmas requires attention to detail and some creativity. We want your home to have a perfect tree, so we have all the information you need from finding the perfectly sized Christmas tree to determining how many lights you need to use on it.

Christmas Tree FAQ

  • How do I select the right size tree for my home?

    We recommend that you have 9" and 12" of open space from the top of your Christmas tree to your ceiling. This will give you room for your tree topper, and allow proper airflow giving your tree room to grow and not looking crunched.

    We do recommend that if you do purchase a real Christmas tree that you cut roughly half an inch (½) and set in water immediately. A fresh-cut tree will absorb several quarts of water right from the start. Throughout the first week be sure to check the water levels several times a day and make sure you refill your tree's water as needed. You can cut down on frequency later. Be sure to place your Christmas tree in a stand that has a large water reservoir and keep it filled. Check out our expansive line of Christmas tree stands to find the right one for you.

    Real Christmas Trees Artificial Christmas Trees
    The convenience of easy setup and teardown They are much easier to decorate
    Does not require storage space They do not attract insects or other pests
    Sometimes cost less than an artificial tree They have a fuller, more luxurious look
    Some tree farms will spray their trees with pesticides They last for years and often come with a warranty, saving you money
    Real trees also need to be watered They can be conveniently delivered to your door
    Trees shed their pine needles They can be set up earlier and left up longer for a longer holiday period
    They don't have to be watered or maintained
    Once the holiday season is over, you can just pack it up and store it until next year
    Assembly is easy; one person can set up the whole tree in minutes
  • How many lights should be on my tree?

    The simple answer is; for every foot of the tree, use 100 bulbs.

    Tree Size Number of Lights
    3' to 4' 300 - 450
    5' to 6' 500 - 650
    7' to 8' 700 - 850
  • Are there special installation procedures for Giant Everest trees and residential tower trees 12' high and taller?

    Yes, tower trees must be installed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Only a licensed electrician and rigger may perform the installation.

  • Are there special shipping and receiving requirements for Giant Everest trees and residential tower trees 12' high and taller?

    Yes, due to the sizes of the trees, they are shipped via common carrier and will only be delivered to commercial locations. These locations must have an off-street receiving dock. If the ship-to-location is not able to receive common carrier shipments, the customer will be responsible for all shipping charges.

    Please note that the sizes of these tree components will require several workers to unload the tree from the carrier's truck. It is the responsibility of the customer to make proper arrangements for unloading the tree.

How to Pick the Right Tree

When it comes to artificial Christmas trees, you have many choices. Classic or realistic? Full or pencil profile? We'll examine the options so you can buy the best Christmas tree for your holiday celebration.

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How to Shape Your Tree

Follow these easy steps to "fluff" your artificial Christmas tree into one of the most beautiful symbols of the Christmas season.

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Tree Species Guide

The best part of buying an artificial tree...the options! But we know it can be overwhelming so we've put together a guide for our most popular tree brands.

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