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Tree Species Guide

Choose the perfect Christmas tree by learning the different tree species. We'll break it down for you!

  • Washington Frasier

    Washington Frasier

    A natural looking tree with branch tips made out of PVC and PE. This artificial tree has a natural look and feel and a slim profile. Although it is one of the slimmer trees, it still appears luscious. Available in multiple sizes with pre-lit options.

  • Royal Pine

    Royal Pine

    This tree has a medium profile and has mixed two-tone tips that are a light and dark green combination. This artificial tree is available pre-lit or unlit and comes with its own tree stand.

  • Green River Spruce

    Green River Spruce

    An artificial tree with pinecones and magnolia leaves spread throughout for a more natural look. It has a fuller look because of the combination foliage of PVC and PE branch tips. Each tree comes pre-lit with incandescent lights.

  • Mixed Country Pine

    Mixed Country Pine

    This artificial tree gives off a country ambiance because of the pine cones and more visible artificial branches. The light green needles mixed with the darker green needles provides a stunning look and combination.

  • Canadian Pine

    Canadian Pine

    This classic looking tree is available in multiple sizes and pre-lit and unlit. It is made with two-tone forest green PVC branches spread apart for easy decorating.

  • Dakota Red

    Dakota Red

    This full profile tree is one of the most realistic looking trees with two-toned PVC branches and mini pine cones throughout. Available in pre-lit and unlit options with plenty of sizes to choose from.

  • Hunter Fir

    Hunter Fir

    This woodland looking tree is also full profile and adorned with small pine cones. The branches look more realistic with deep green PE mixed with PVC tips.

  • Coniferous Pine

    Coniferous Pine

    This medium profile tree is made of a mix of PE and PVC tips, giving it a natural look. These branches are ideal for decorating with plenty of space in between them to show off your ornaments.

  • Northern Pine

    Northern Pine

    A popular artificial tree with medium colored PVC tips. This tree gives an outdoor and natural full Christmas tree look. Available in pre-lit and unlit options and also comes with a folding metal tree stand.

  • Buffalo Fir

    Buffalo Fir

    This easily assembled tree has a medium profile and provides a classic look with a high point on top. This medium green PVC made tree is offered in lit and pre-lit options.

  • Olympia


    This full profile Christmas tree is a commercial grade tree that comes pre-lit. It features crush-resistant PVC tips making it an ideal tree for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Angela Pine

    Angela Pine

    This wintertime looking tree has flocked/frosted tips and pine cones throughout. It has a full profile along with wide PVC tips and branches.

  • Warsaw Twig

    Warsaw Twig

    This nontraditional tree has a medium profile with large spaces in between bendable brown and green branches. Some are offered with a burlap base and are available in pre-lit and unlit options.

  • Colorado Pine

    Colorado Pine

    This full profile artificial tree is based off of the pine trees found in Colorado with a natural deep green color. The wide-tapered PVC tips and lights give it a classic Christmas tree look.

  • Aurora Spruce

    Aurora Spruce

    This pre-lit tree has a full profile and PE and PVC tips making it look more realistic. The layered branches and durability make it a great tree to decorate and have in the home.

  • Canterbury Spruce

    Canterbury Spruce

    Similar to the Aurora Spruce tree, this one has long and short PVC needles that are pre-lit. This classic tree has a medium profile but appears more full. A great tree for Christmastime.

If your artificial tree is large, it's best and more safe for you to shape the top section first while not on the base yet. See our safety guide for other ways to stay safe while decorating for the holiday season.

As you go through this process, take a minute to look at it and make sure it is shaped uniformly and it appears natural. If you see any gaps, adjust them as needed.